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When you need to insert page numbers within an in-text citation, the University of Lincoln's Harvard output style requires that you enter the page numbers as a Suffix.

The instructions below are for Word 2010 and the newest version of Write-N-Cite.

  1. Log on to RefWorks and open the document you are working on. Click on the RefWorks ribbon then click on Insert Citation.

Screen shot of the Ribbon in Microsoft Word with the Insert Citation option circled in red

  1. You will now have a short list of newly used references. Click on the reference you would like to insert.

Screen shot of the Ribbon in Microsoft Word with the newly used references circled in red.

  1. The citation will be added to your Word document. Click on the citation and the whole citation text will be highlighted in grey.

Screen shot of example of In Text citation.

  1. Double click on the highlighted citation. You will see the Insert/Edit Citation window below.

Screen shot of Insert/Edit Citation window within Microsoft Word

  1. To add page numbers at the end of the citation, you will need to use the Suffix option. For example, to add a page range of 89-95 in to your citation, you should type , pp.89-95 in the Suffix box. Then click on the highlighted reference in the Compose Citation box. You should now see the changes in the Preview Citation box with the added page numbers.

Screen shot of Insert/Edit Citation window in Microsoft Word with the page numbers and citation information circled in red.

  1. Click OK.

The page numbers will be added to your in-text citation and will be formatted correctly when you process the Word document and create your bibliography.

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