Answered By: Adele Beeken
Last Updated: 07 May 2024     Views: 64

Some of our older item records for ebooks are still using links which have a non-secure element. 

This means there will be a http:// element somewhere in the URL to the ebook, rather than the more up-to-date https://


We're working on updating these but until we have you may find that you get a "Your connection is not private" error while trying to access the resource. If this happens try the following steps to bypass the error:

  • Try a browser you don't normally use, or try in an incognito or browsing window.
  • Return to the page with the link and hover over it to see the URL. You may be able to see which database it's in. If you can, access the database via our direct links and search again for the title there. For example:
  • Return to the page with the link, right click on the View Online button and copy the URL. Paste this into your address bar but change each instance of http to https


Finally - please let us know, including details of the item you were looking for so we can update the link.


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