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Juno Buddy is a mobile app that allows our students and staff access to the University Library if they have forgotten their university ID card. The App creates a barcode specific to your userid which will be stored in the app until your account expires or you delete the app from your device.  The barcode can be scanned on the library access control gates allowing the user access to the University Library.

The app is available as a free download from the source appropriate to the phone’s model and operating system: Apple Store, Google Play Store. This app works on most devices apart from Windows mobile phones and some Huawei phones. See installation instructions below.

Please note Juno Buddy only allows you access to the library and cannot be used on the printers or self-service machines. It should only be used if you forget your Student/Staff ID, card and not as a long-term substitute. If you have lost your ID card, replacement cards can be obtained from Student Services.

If you have any problems with the app or access to the Library please contact us.


  1. Download and install the Juno Buddy app from the relevant store

App store screen showing June Buddy app details

  1. When asked to “Please enter your institution code” input the code LNCN and press submit

Juno Buddy app screen with field for entering an institution code

  1. When asked to “Please enter your email address”, input your university email address in full and press submit. You must use your university email address here as the app will not work with any other address

Juno Buddy app screen with field for entering an email address

  1. If you have input your email address successfully, another box will appear that asks you to “Please enter your PIN”. The pin code will be emailed to your university email address from
  2. Input the pin number from the email and press submit
  3. Terms and conditions appear on the screen, press Ok at the bottom of your screen
  4. A new screen will appear with the University of Lincoln banner and a message stating payment cards will not work while Juno Buddy is in use. Press OK to continue
  5.  A barcode should appear on the screen after a short time. This is your unique barcode based on your university ID. When you visit the library, open the Juno Buddy app so it displays the barcode. Place your phone screen face down on the reader panel. The gate will read the barcode and allow you to get in/out of the University Library


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