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Our reading list rollover is the process where we make lists available for new academic year. This is very similar to the process in Blackboard where a new module site is created for a new cohort of students.
Creating a new version allows us to link the reading list to Blackboard correctly. It's also a good opportunity to review and update any items on the reading list in line with your teaching plans.
We've gathered together a few FAQs about editing your lists after rollover:


You will not be able to edit reading lists for five days before and during the rollover process to allow us to publish and prepare the lists.


Reading Lists will remain visible to all users during the rollover process. Links from within Blackboard and links to resources will remain active and usable.


The 2021-2022 reading list created for the new academic year is an exact copy of the existing 2020-2021 list, at the point of rollover. If you edit the existing 2020-2021 after rollover, these changes won't be copied across, so please make sure you are working with the latest version of the list.
To access the new 2021-2022 list you will need to be logged into our Talis Aspire reading list system. Search for the module title or module code and select the DRAFT LIST option.


Screenshot showing List, Draft List and Module results for the same search

All new lists will have a 2021-2022 tag. If you accidentally select the old 2020-2021 list, there should be a link through to the new list from that page.
All new 2021-2022 will be initially available in draft format only, until we actively publish them in time for the new teaching period.

Once you have located the 2021-2022 reading list you can check, add, and delete resources as normal. Once you've made any changes send the list for Library review so we can check links and stock levels. We will then publish the list for the start of the new teaching period. 
There may be a delay at busy times so send your list for review as soon as possible. If you are unable to edit a list or need any assistance, please get in touch.


No. If you have previously requested any digitised readings these will be available on the 2021-2022 lists in time for the new academic year, with a few exceptions:

  • We occasionally have to remove previously allowed digitised readings as license terms change - we will contact you if any of your requests fall in to this category. 
  • Any exceptions to the copyright licence under the covid-19 amendment will end on July 31st. If you have previously requested two chapters from a book by this scheme then please be aware you can now only have one chapter available as a digitised reading.

You may remove or request additional digitised readings for your list.



If you use the standard reading list menu link then you do not need to do anything.

If you use the "Talis Reading List Content Tool" to add weekly readings you may want to check any sections are linking to the correct list, and relink where necessary.

Please note: if you are participating in the Blackboard Ultra trial you may want to discuss your reading lists with your Academic Subject Librarian.



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