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You can set up the ‘Library Links’ function in Google Scholar so that it will recognise when the University of Lincoln has subscribed access to an article and provide a “Find Full Text” article link:-

  1. First, go to Google Scholar -
  2. Click on the Menu option (3 horizontal lines) on top left
  3. Click on SettingsScreen shot of Google Scholar with the Menu and Settings links outlined in red.
  4. Select the Library links option in the left-hand menu
  5. Type “University of Lincoln” in the Search box*
  6. De-select the pre-selected “Open WorldCat – Library Search” option
  7. Find the relevant institution in the list of results – “University of Lincoln – Find Full Text” (make sure you have the correct University of Lincoln in the UK selected)Screen shot of Google Scholar Settings menu with Open WorldCat, University of Lincoln and Save outlined in red.
  8. Select the tick box and click “Save”
  9. Once saved, the Collections page offers further options where you can also select your preferred referencing or bibliographic manager from a list of BibTex, EndNote, RefMan and RefWorks** > select your preferred software and click “Save”
  10. Click in "Account" (below "Library Links" in left-hand Settings menu) > make sure "Signed-out off-campus access links" is ticked and click "Save"

Screen shot of Google Scholar Account Settings with Account and Signed-out off-campus access links outlined in red

Once this has been done, when you are searching in Google Scholar, there will be a “Find Full Text” link next to an article the Library has access to:-

Screen shot of Google Scholar results list with PDF link and Find Full Text links outlined in red

Google Scholar will also give you links where the article is freely accessible elsewhere, such as a repository, ResearchGate or the Government website.

The generic “Find Full Text” links are where the University of Lincoln has access. Click on this link to be directed to the full text via the Library. You may be requested to login using your University credentials if you have not already done so.


*Please note: Medical Students can also add the University of Nottingham to facilitate access to Nottingham’s online medical resources.

**Please note the University offers access to RefWorks and EndNote – you can find more information on our Reference Management Tools webpage.



Where possible we recommend using Google Chrome and regularly clearing your browser cache and cookies for all time. We have an FAQ on how to reset my browser cache for multiple internet browser options.

If you are still experiencing access issues please let us know via our feedback form:




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