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 How to copy standard documents on the printer

  1. If you have multiple pages to copy you can use the top feeder, in which case, place your documents face up.
  2. If you are scanning a standard size document, open the scanning lid and place your item face down in the top left hand corner. If it is smaller than size A4, leave a bit of a gap around the edges. If it is size A4, make sure it is up to the edges.
  3. Scan in on the machine with your student/ staff ID card
  4. Press "Copy"
  5. There are a few options you can go choose but the printer will automatically know if you have placed items in the top feeder or scanner.
  6. You can choose whether to print in black and white or colour
  7. If you are scanning an ID card and want both front and back on one page, please see our other how to options and video here: How to copy a 2- sided ID card
  8. You can choose to enlarge your item by pressing the "zoom" option
  9. If you have multiple pages you can select if you want it 2 sided or 1 sided
  10. If you need any specific help or need more complicated printing options, please see a member of staff at the desk in the Library.
  11. If you are unsure, you can see a preview of your document by pressing "options" and then tapping the image on the right hand side.
  12. Select how many copies you need.
  13. Press "Copy" and this will print them out.



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