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Some journals often publish a "supplement", which could be a special edition of an issue or one in addition to the normal publication run. These often contain an unusual numbering pattern not in keeping with the normal publication pattern, e.g. Volume 52, S1.


We can have trouble linking to any articles or content from supplements because the odd numbering system can disrupt the standard linking process. This means we show we have access but we can’t always link directly using the usual "Find Full Text" button.


If you find you are unable to access content in a supplement – either we are not linking directly or you are seeing a 404 error - then we’d recommend following these steps:

  1. Go to our Electronic Journals search (Library website > select 'Find' tab > select 'Electronic Journals')
  2. Search for the journal title
  3. Click on the platform which has the coverage you require (for example Wiley 1997-present if the issue you need is within these years)
  4. Either,
    1. browse through the list of issues to locate the volume/issue/supplement number if you know the article is in a supplement; or
    2. search for the article title on the journal homepage

This should direct you to the content you require. 


Most of the content in these supplements are actually conference and poster abstracts, rather than full articles. There may not be a full article available on this subject so it is worth looking up the author to see if they have written any related research papers.


Please report any broken links to E-resources via the E-resources Feedback form and we will investigate.



The following article looks like it is from a normal issue and there is nothing in the record on the Library website to suggest it is from a supplemental issue - Shen, Z. et al. (2016) Having a furry friend: The benefits of pet-keeping behavior. International Journal of Psychology. 51, pp.707-708:-



However, when you click through to "View Online" and then "Find this article in full text from Wiley":-


It takes you to a "Error 404" page:-



However, if you go directly to the journal homepage from our Electronic Journals search (Library website > select 'Find' tab > select 'Electronic Journals'):-



And click through to the Wiley platform, you can then find the relevant volume, in this instance v.51 in the Issue archive, scroll down and you will see all the issues published in Volume 51, including the Supplemental Issue, which was published in between issues 3 and 4:-



You can see, in this instance, it is a "Special Issue" for an International Congress in Japan, and, I found the below by searching for what appears to be the article title - 'Having a furry friend: The benefits of pet-keeping behavior' - on the journal homepage:- 



and you can see that, what appeared to be an article on the Library website, is actually a small section of a "Session Abstract" for a Symposium paper, which looks like it was a conference paper presented at this international conference on Health Psychology in Japan in 2006:-


After conducting more searches it doesn't appear that an actual research paper has been written on this subject by these authors yet, but it may be worth considering that it could be a work in progress if they presented it at a conference in recent years. 


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