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EZproxy is the method of authentication which the University of Lincoln uses to provide remote access to the library's databases and resources that are restricted to our staff and students. EZproxy detects when you are accessing our resources and prompts you to login with your University credentials allowing both on- and off-campus users to access the same subscribed content.

EZproxy works by including a prefix in front of the resource URL. We have added this prefix to our databases, ejournals and ebooks links on the Library website. Here is our special prefix:

URLs with the EZproxy prefix work both on and off site and connect the users' network through the University's EZProxy server. Links to licensed library resources need to pass through this EZproxy server in order to show the resource providers and publisher platforms that users are coming from a University of Lincoln internet address. The server is configured with a list of our subscribed e-resources.


Links to free websites or open access resources that are not restricted to University of Lincoln users, such as Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ), do not need to go through EZproxy. 

You don't have to do anything except click on the link to one of our online resources (databases, online article, ebook, etc.) from inside the Library website, and EZproxy kicks in automatically by showing you a login screen when you are off-campus. You only have to log in once as long as you keep your browser open and you access resources via the Library website, or subscribed databases. However, if you close your browser and open it again, you will have to log in again.

If you notice any resources (journals, databases or articles) which are not working as they should, or you are having trouble accessing e-resources off-campus, please report this to the E-resources Team by filling in the E-resources Feedback form here.


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