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We'd recommend accessing online resources from the University of Nottingham from our dedicated medical library website.

If you have accessed a resource from outside this website, or cannot access something you'd expect you may need to log-in directly, known as access by shibboleth:

  1. All provider websites are different, but there is usually a log in/sign in link on the page. It may say Log in via your institution/Find my Institution.
  2. Look for the word Shibboleth, or log in via Shibboleth.
  3. You should then have the option to search for your institution, in this case it would be University of Nottingham. Make sure you do not select the China or Malaysia options.
  4. Once you have selected your institution you should be presented with the University of Nottingham log in page. You can now log in with your University of Nottingham username and password.

A full example follows but if you are still experiencing access problems please contact us.

Example - Taylor and Francis


The log in link is in the top right hand corner of the webpage.

Taylor and Francis login icon


You should then find "Log in via your institution". Click on the Shibboleth option.

Login via Shibboleth


Search for your institution - in this case Nottingham.

Search for Nottingham


You will then be redirected to the University of Nottingham log in page - use your University of Nottingham username and password.

Screenshot of University of Nottingham login screen


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