Answered By: Hope Williard
Last Updated: 09 Nov 2018     Views: 192

A scanner is available on all printers in the library and on the university campus. To access it, scan your id card.

Then select the 'Scan' option on the menu that appears.

Select 'scan to email' on the next screen.

Make sure to select the 'prompt for more pages' box at the bottom of the screen if you want to scan more than one page.

For double-sided (2-sided) scanning, colour scanning, changing the paper size, changing the orientation, adjusting the DPI, or changing the file format of the scan, click on the 'settings' button to adjust these as needed.

When everything is set to as you would like it to be, click scan.

If you have selected the 'prompt for more pages' tickbox, you will be asked whether you want to 'scan more' or 'send' after each page.

Press 'scan more' until you have finished your scan, and then 'send' and a pdf (or JPEG or TIFF, if you selected either of those file formats) will be delivered to your email inbox.

If your scan is particularly large (above 25-35 pages) you may want to scan it in installments of 25-35 pages and combine the files on a computer after you have completed your scanning.


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