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Unless the item is reserved by another user or returned we'll renew it for you automatically.

When won't the item renew?

The item will not renew if:

  • Another user has reserved it via the library website; 
    • One week loans: you will receive an email 2 days before the item is due letting you know that it will not renew. The item must be returned promptly.
    • 4 week loans: you will receive an email letting you know the item has been recalled. You will then have 7 days to return it.
  • you owe £10 or more in fines and/or charges;
  • it is a laptop;
  • it is a dissertation;
  • it is an inter-library loan.

What happens if I still need it?

If you need the item again, you can also reserve it via the library website. This will add your details to a queue and you'll receive a notification when it's your turn.

How much will I get fined if I don't return a recalled item?

Recalled items are charged at 25p per day, to a maximum of £10 per item.

What about holiday times?

If you are going away, we recommend you return your items before you leave or be prepared to send them back to us via post: if they are requested by another user we won't be able to renew them.


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