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The University of Lincoln's ebooks are held on several platforms: Bibliotech; Ebook Central and Dawsonera.

It is not possible to print a whole ebook. This is because of restrictions imposed by the publishers and by copyright. However, you can usually print a percentage of each ebook.

You can also download some of our ebooks to your own computer or device. It is not usually possible to print from an ebook you have downloaded (e.g. it is not possible to print from Bibliotech downloads). As Bibliotech is primarily a mobile platform, we recommend that you use the features on the App for annotating and highlighting the text.  

Please see the printing instructions below for more details about printing from Ebook Central and Dawsonera:

Ebook Central

  1. Sign in to Ebook Central in order to get the full printing allowance (select University of Lincoln from the institution drop-down on the right-hand side).                


  1. If you would like to print a full chapter, download the relevant chapter PDF. Click on the printer icon on the top left of the screen. You’ll be able to print the full chapter, or select a particular page range.

  2. It is also possible to print a range of pages from the ‘Online Reading’ option. Click on the printer icon on the top centre of the screen.



For ebooks on the Dawsonera platform, you can print a small range of pages from a print allocation. This print allocation limits the total number of pages you can print from each ebook; the limit varies from book to book.

  1. Log in to the ebook from a Library search or via this direct link:
  2. On the ebook description page, scroll down and click on the "Read online" button:
    Navigate to the section of the book that you wish to print.
  3. From the toolbar towards the right-hand-side of the screen, click on "Print":
    Screenshot from Dawsonera
  4. The "Print" window will open. From this window, choose the page(s) you would like to print out of the print allocation for the ebook, and click "Preview".
    Screenshot of the Dawsonera Print window
  5. The "Preview" window will open. Check that the page range is correct, and click on "Print".
    Screenshot from the Dawsonera Preview window
  6. N.B. If you access a Dawsonera ebook via a Library search you will see the Library's general print allowance for each ebook. This general allowance can be used by any student or member of University staff and you may find it has already been used up for the ebook you want to print from. If the print allowance for an ebook appears to have been used up, you can access your own personal print allowance for each ebook by logging in. Instructions on this process are available at:

If you have any questions about ebooks please contact the Library.


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