Answered By: Katherine Anderson
Last Updated: 07 Sep 2020     Views: 3

The student should ring the doorbell on the staff entrance door to speak to you to ask this query.

Encourage the student to print off a temporary pass using the kiosk to the left of the staff door. 

The student will need to enter their login details on the machine. This is their student ID number and password. 

The machine will print off a temporary pass for them which they can use to get in and out of the library.

Explain to the student that their library card will have a 24-hour block put on it and they will need to use their temporary pass for this duration even if they later come back with their card.

However, If the Temporary Pass kiosk isn't working, allow the student/ customer to come through the security gates but ask them to stop at the reception desk so you can check if they have valid access on Soprano by searching in Borrower records.  Ask for the student's ID number and ask the student to confirm their name and/or date of birth. Explain that they will need to come to the reception desk to be let out when they are ready to leave.